The Meque (Baba Daga)

July 1996, Daga Baba, south of Turkey, the European spot for the beauty of the landscape.

Imagine a beach 2 km long, a lagoon, the sun, "la fiesta", and 4 km farther, the summit of a mountain at 1700 m.

To reach the top, you need a truck, but we, obviously, took worst!

Our special teachers did'nt really trust in us (and they were right!). So we reached the top at 6 AM to be sure that the flight will be calm.

6 AM, wind from the back, sleeping time.

7 AM, no wind, we are ready.

7. 30 AM, Ozlem wait, cool.

8 AM, she is on the beach.

8 H, my turn, Sh.t it is beautiful!

The evening, la FIESTA!

The result: only 4 flights in 6 days.

But all of us were persuaded that the world championship was waiting for us. Dream ,dream, dream...